Minta White

Flutist, Improvisor

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Flutist in collaboration with the ALTURAS DUO

Classical and South American music (with improvisation)


“These artists are classically trained and play their instruments to perfection. They sounded as if they had been playing together forever.  The music was very complex and well timed.”  - Jennifer Gallant, reviewer, Whitney Center for the Arts

“A hearty congratulations to The Alturas Duo and Minta White for a truly wonderful concert last night at The Whitney....Finally, a heartfelt thanks to Scott Hill and Minta White for giving such an extraordinary premiere of my Three Meditations for Flute and Guitar. I could not have asked for anything as soulful or masterful as their performance. ”  - Dr. Arthur Hernandez, composer, Professor of Music and Music Program Coordinator at Capital Community College

 image © J. René Coffee Roasters

 image © J. René Coffee Roasters


Classical and South American music (with improvisation)

with Carlos Boltes, viola, charango, Venezuelan cuatro



image © Adam Matlock

image © Adam Matlock

CARTE NOIRE                             

Freely improvised music

with Tim Peck, piano/effects

"Throughout their set, Carte Noire skillfully navigated the axes of density and sparseness, of tonality and texture;  for a moment or two, they would try on the roles of a traditional chamber music ensemble, with the flute taking a melodic line ..... and keyboard splitting the duties of chordal and contrapuntal accompaniment. These were all the more otherworldly in contrast to passages that maintained their sonic organization, but went for the extremes of the instrumental palette, reminding the audience of the alchemy that sometimes can happen in a small space."

- Adam Matlock, New Haven Independent

"Carte Noire provided an interactive musical presentation that was both spontaneous and carefully planned. Students felt engaged no matter what their musical experience happened to be. Improvising music together as a group was a wonderful experience!"

- John Becker, Chair, Cultural Affairs Committee, Pomfret School