Minta White

Flutist, Improvisor

With the Alturas Duo:

Alturas Duo with Minta White, flute, April 9, 2015 Music and Poetry at Capital Community College in Hartford, CT

Mintoso Duo:

Excerpt, Duo #2 for violin and viola in Bb Major, KV 424, First Movement, W.A. Mozart - Minta White, flute and Carlos Boltes, viola - live recording, June 2014

Sipasi/Sipassy - Minta White, flute and Carlos Boltes, charango - live recording, June 2014

Improvising with members of Carte Noire:

Carte Noire (formerly Carte Blanche) with original member Alex Curnow

Carte Blanche (Tim Peck, Alex Curnow, Minta White) perform as part of the second concert of the third season of LongyLaboratory, December 8, 2013 curated by Dr. Peter J. Evans

Minta White and Tim Peck perform "Baltimore Detective Stories, pt.2" as part of the first concert of the fourth series of LongyLaboratory curated by Dr. Peter J. Evans September 28, 2014

For more of Carte Noire's music (with guitarist Chris Cretella), please visit us on SoundCloud: